Lahey/Fujitsu Linux64 Fortran v8.1


$module load compiler/lf95/8.1 
$lf95 /pkg/lf95/8.1/examples/fortran/demo.f90

Speed. Dependability. Great Tech Support. Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 95. The standard for Fortran programming from the leader in Fortran language systems.

We’ve combined our 39 years of producing award-winning Fortran language systems with Fujitsu’s compiler expertise and high-performance code generator to deliver the most-productive, best-supported Fortran 95 language system for the PC.


Whether you write new Fortran programs or downsize existing applications, you need speed, dependability, and great tech support!

LF64 v8.1 Delivers!

Important features include …

  • Intel EM64T and AMD AMD64 64-bit optimizations
  • Unsurpassed global compile-time and runtime diagnostics
  • Automatic Parallelization
  • OpenMP Support
  • Wisk, Winteracter Starter Kit – Graphics package
  • Small and medium memory models
  • BLAS and LAPACK v4.0 routines – thread-safe
  • Fujitsu’s SSL2 math library – thread-safe
  • Fujitsu’s FDB debugger
  • Automake, automatic make utility
  • COMPLEX constants (Fortran 2003) supported