install mavpich2 by pgi 14.10 on shenma cluster

tar xzvf mvapich2-2.1a.tar.gz

module load compiler/pgi/14.10

yum install byacc

LIB=’/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/4.4.7/libgcc.a -shared’


unset F90

unset F90FLAGS

./configure –prefix=/pkg/mvapich2/2.1a/$PRG_ENV –enable-g=all –enable-fortran=all –enable-cxx –enable-romio –enable-debuginfo  –enable-shared –enable-shared  –enable-threads=multiple –enable-wrapper-rpath –enable-error-messages=all –with-device=ch3:mrail –with-rdma=gen2 –with-gnu-ld –with-ib-include=/usr –with-ib-libpath=/usr >& configure.log &

make -j 8 >& make.log &

make install  >& makeinstall.log &

about error during make  :” nvlink fatal : Unsupported file type ’../lib/.libs/’’

add “CFLAGS=-ta=tesla:nordc” to ./configure CFLAGS=-ta=tesla:nordc  to solve it .


The above document  is just personal opinion. Maybe something is wrong .Please just reference.